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No more gallbladder

Well, that was an adventure. We're in the middle of one of the nastiest snow/ice storms of the winter. It took twice as long to get to the hospital as normal, but we managed it, laughing at all the stupid people who'd tried to drive too fast and ended up in ditches along the way.

Arrived at the hospital at about 11 AM. By 12:30 or so, they had me all set up and wheeled me into surgery. I was out again a little before 3 PM, and spent the next few hours recovering from anesthesia. My voice is kind of scratchy from the breathing tube, and my back hurts from the CO2 they used to inflate the abdominal cavity to perform the surgery. That's the only real pain I have at the moment.

I was able to drink right away, and got up and walked around a little about an hour after the anesthesia wore off. They brought me a tray of food at 5 PM, and I nibbled on it. Not a huge fan of turkey, but hey, it was the first actual meat I've been able to eat in something like two months. We left the hospital at 6 PM, and made the requisite stop to obtain my pain meds, and then Ed got us home through the snow and ice and really, really bad drivers. We got home just before 7:30.

Total elapsed time, including travel was about 9 hours. I'm home safe now, taking it easy and resting. Except for the back pain, I'm in pretty good shape. I have meds for the next week to keep me that way. I came through it all just fine. =D
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