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OMG Published! Sorta...

Eeeeee! *minor freakout* I was approached tonight by the editor of Sanguine's e-zine BiteMark about including some of my artwork in their next issue! It's a free 'zine that features stories, art, and news based around the RPG books they sell. It's just artist credit, not paid, but I'm still counting it as being published. OMG I squeee! =D Apparently pirates is the thing this time around. YAY! I am still thrilled to have been approached. I've always loved the Ironclaw books. ^_^

Apparently this came about because he noticed the piratey piece I finished today and posted to FA. He asked permission to use it, and the other painting I finished the other day. ^_^ This was today's piece:

Tags: art pirate airship gown dress shiny pain
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