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Still no improvement on the stomach condition. Been on Prilosec three days so far. Signs still seem to be pointing at a malfunctioning gallbladder, but won't know conclusively until I have a chance to visit a doctor and have more tests done. Doesn't sound right for an ulcer. The symptoms are off for that. All I know right now is that this SUCKS. Thanks for the well wishes, guys. x_x I really want to feel better too.


So, I spent a good sized chunk of Christmas Eve in the emergency room after I got off work. I've felt like I've had a sour stomach for the past couple of days, and it gets worse when I eat. No nausea, no vomiting or anything else icky... just this odd bitter pain that comes and goes. So, rather than risk it turning out to be something like appendicitis, Ed took me to the hospital when he picked me up this afternoon. Lab work all came back clean, so they think it might be my gallbladder. The recommended prilosec and a visit to the doctor if it doesn't clear up in a few days. We'll see. Figures I'd get sick on Christmas. x.x

We're home now, preparing for this potential ice storm thing. I'm sticking to soup and broth for the moment. Anything to keep from aggravating the digestive system. Still sucks. Ugh.


For the past two months or so, darkwolfie has been very, very ill. Complications due to pneumonia brought on by H1N1 have messed the poor guy up something awful. His wife posted a few hours ago that he had taken yet another down turn. He's fought his way through some truly awful circumstances. This is one tough guy. It would be heartbreaking to lose him now after all of this.

Please, if you're inclined, send your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes darkwolfie's way tonight. He's going to need all the help he can get.

EEEEEEEeeeeeeee Kittykittykitty

So our outdoor mamacat was waiting for us when we got home from work last night... with a surprise. She had two little fuzzballs with her, one orange, one gray. The kittens were much more skittish, but they're definitely big enough to eat solid food now, which is probably why she brought them along. Managed to pet both of them last night, but when we tried to catch them to bring them inside, they wouldn't come close enough.

So this morning I put out food inside the cat carrier, and managed to snag them both, along with Summer, the mamacat (who we suspect might be pregnant again, oy). All three of them are safely ensconced in our back bathroom, and seem to be adjusting just fine. The plan is to get them to the vet and have Summer fixed and the kittens at least given their shots. As much as I love kitties, this has to be a temporary solution. We are NOT up to being a six-cat-household. Hopefully we can find homes for them. Worst case, I'm ok with releasing Summer back outside once she's been spayed. She's not quite two years old, and obviously able to handle herself outside. The babies, though, they should have homes of their own.


dreams disjoinetd... photo shoots at Dartmouth, Taco Bell, my basement full of thumb-sized prehistoric wasps which also nested on my truck... x_x m'going back to bed. Ugh.



...Do I have time to build myself an entirely new fursuit from the ground up before MFF? I have the materials, and I am sorely tempted to try at the risk of rushing and not having it turn out quite right. c.c; I must ponder this further.



Found some lovely black tipped sooooft faux fur yesterday. I think I finally have the means to begin constructing my werewuff I've been meaning to build for, like, a year now. XDDDDD May not be finished for awhile. This one involves building up a muscled bodysuit first. c.c


I did the zombie walk last night. =D Props to Kai for snagging a pic (Ed has more, still on the camera)

Zombie Cleaning Lady from Hell™ =D

Bah, phones x.x

x_x I have been without a cellphone for over three weeks now thanks to screw ups via either one carrier or the other. Been trying to port my number without much success. It seems, now, that the ball is no longer in Tracfone's court at least. I'm not waiting on Virgin Mobile, my new provider, to get off its ass and finish the transfer so my number works with my new phone. This is getting ridiculous. I filed a fricking complaint with the FCC over Tracfone's mishandling of the whole affair. Now I'm hoping Virgin doesn't screw me over too.

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